Others likened her to that of former enemy Sharon Mitchell (Leticia Dean), who's long blonde hair is iconic to her character. Vinnie Moore (born 1964), American guitarist and member of the English hard rock band UFO. A photographer who takes photos at a promotional event at Walford East restaurant. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express He returns just as Chantelle succumbs to blood loss, and then starts to set up her death as an accident using a toy car and a bottle of milk he bought after he pushed her. Gray apologises to Chantelle and she later forgives him. Karen, Mitch and their two children Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) and Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) help Bailey to clean her flat and Dinah becomes friends with Karen. [24] She is introduced as the older sister of Bailey Baker's (Kara-Leah Fernandes) friend, Alyssa. Vinny eventually tracks her down, and reveals to her that their mother is dying of cancer. The family is described as a British Asian family of Punjabi Sikh heritage. An employee of Go-Cater London who is covering the Walford East restaurant until the new owners can take over, however, A customer of Maximum Motors who tries to get a discount on a car but. They talk to, A police officer who tries to negotiate with, The judge of the hairdressing competition. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. [17] It was announced on 20 December 2018 that the character would be joining the series in 2019, when senior executive producer Kate Oates commented, "The Taylor family are set to be complete when Chantelle arrives in Walford and Chantelle certainly has that feisty Taylor streak. A British Asian family of Punjabi Sikh heritage, Kheerat, Jags and Vinny are three very different brothers who turn up in Walford looking to settle a score – however, fate quickly takes a hand and they find themselves staying for good. He apologises for disagreeing with her abortion, but when she introduces him to Iqra, he disapproves of Ash dating a Muslim. Danny is an acquaintance of Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) who has a connection to garages used for money laundering in Spain, which leads Phil into liquidation. for the first time ever and I really don't understand the hype', 'It was one of the most boring things I've ever watched', ‘Filthy’ Hillingdon restaurant given hygiene rating of 0 after flies found in kitchen, Restaurant staff have been instructed to learn to wash their hands, Gordon Ramsay's swanky new London restaurant is selling an £80 burger - but you have to pay extra for chips, Thankfully there are some cheaper options if you fancy going along. She spots Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes) and begin an affair while he is in a relationship with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton). Tubbs, alongside Martin Fowler (James Bye), raid the house of a woman who owes money. [21] The story results in the character being killed-off, highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on domestic violence; Chantelle was killed by Gray in the episode broadcast on 18 September 2020. [35] The character was killed-off in February 2020; his departure had not been announced beforehand. Charlie "Tubbs" Savage, played by Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, is an associate of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden). Danny later gives Phil another job offer, but Phil refuses and warns Danny never to contact him again. Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: "No way is that the same actor! Status Only Fools and Horses quiz: How well do you remember The Sky's the Limit episode? [32] It is then revealed that when she was 19, Ash had an abortion which Kheerat disagrees with. [14][15], Chantelle Atkins,[16] played by Jessica Plummer, is the daughter of Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) and Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths). After this, he says she vowed to do things for him and leads her upstairs against her will, saying they must try for a baby straight away. The first character to be introduced is Bailey Baker (Kara-Leah Fernandes), the daughter of Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths). Upon hearing this, his phone battery dies, making it impossible for him to answer and she is caught by Gray. Coronation Street spoilers: Dev Alahan makes life-changing decision, Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle heartbroken by shock Vinny decision. Gray suggests Chantelle and him try for another baby and reluctantly she agrees, the two of them also decide to renew their vows, however the venue pulls out the day before and although Chantelle says she does not want to renew their vows yet, Gray organises a surprise one at their home. Wanda later announces that she has booked a ticket to go travelling for a year, and has a spare ticket, to which Ted agrees to accompany her. The character and casting were announced on 11 March 2019. Brooke and Bernadette arrange to meet again. She asks him for an explanation as to why he did it; he admits that it is because he was falling in love with her and knowing she was falling for him as well, he did not want her to go through the pain of saying goodbye to him on his deathbed. Vinny Panesar [18] On 5 March 2019, it was announced that Plummer would be playing Chantelle. Portrayed by Mr Turney says he wants the clothes that his wife is wearing back despite, A man in the Prince Albert bar who dares a drunk, This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 18:27. The character and Nahar's casting were announced on 20 December 2018, along with that of Habiba's sister, Iqra. Gray sets up the alarm in the house and when Kheerat breaks in, Gray is alerted on his phone and tells Chantelle that they need to go home because someone has broken in. Kim later offers Chantelle the job; she refuses at first, but then later agrees to help at the salon, but only part-time. Visit our dedicated  page here. The usual look: Vinny had a cropped haircut and a full beard before lockdown, Confused: Fans were left bemused after he returned with no facial hair and a new hairstyle, 'Just to confirm, Vinny is still played by @jalotashiv, he's just had a shave and changed his hairstyle! That makes sense: Wednesday morning's clarification prompted a series of posts from previously perplexed fans. EastEnders returned to television screens this week with some changes in place as episodes are now only 20 minutes long and social distancing rules are now in force. Mitch tells Chantelle he will go and get them but when he returns, the children aren't the only ones with him. Keanu then tells Phil that Midge was one of the people who tried to kill him in Spain. In an attempt to drive Whitney and Callum apart, Leo finds a video of Callum doing nothing when his friend attempts to rape an unconscious girl at a party. He has a disagreement with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) over gay pride and is confronted by his father, Phil (Steve McFadden). On 12 July 2019, it was revealed that Gray domestically abuses Chantelle, with EastEnders working closely with Women's Aid in order to portray the issue sensitively and accurately. Fans claim EastEnders character Vinny Panesar is being played by a 'different actor' | Daily Mail Online 'What a difference a shave makes!' Habiba is shocked at this, and confronts Iqra, who reveals that she is a lesbian. Junior staff at Penguin Random House Canada 'broke down in tears' and tried to... White House is 'close to lifting eight-month European travel ban' to save the airline industry because... Nearly one-third of all US nurses who have died of coronavirus are Filipino - despite making up just 4% of... 'I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second': Meghan Markle reveals she had a... 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YouTube suspends and demonetizes Trump's favored network One America News for a week after it falsely... Cuomo and Trump finally agree on something! Bailey asks what Dinah's favourite colour was, to which Shyanna says blue. Played by Shiv Jalota, 26, Vinny made his debut in Albert Square last autumn, with the Panesar family making themselves a beloved fixture of the East End. Leo confronts Whitney on a balcony, and when Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) sees them, he goes to help Whitney, but accidentally pushes Leo over the balcony. [43] Jags is described as someone who "has always struggled in the shadow of his older brother and despite his best intentions, nothing ever seems to go to plan for try-hard Jags leaving Kheerat and the rest of the family constantly unimpressed.