Tekko Pro Insecticide 1 pt. Do not allow Tank Mixes: Make applications in accordance with those use precautions and label instructions that are … with those use precautions and label instructions $j(this).css('font-style', 'italic').css("color", "#696969"); Apply Tekko Pro dilution to areas where pets normally $j(this).val($j(this).attr("noText")); be combined with a cockroach adulticide. died naturally. Title: Microsoft Word - Specimen-TekkoPro-53883-335.docx Created Date: 5/22/2019 3:29:28 PM solution, mix 1.0 fluid ounce Tekko Pro in a One treatment works for 6 months against $j(this).addClass("wideImage"); These areas include, but are not limited to residential, ӂRF�6�>��t�G�zFB�w�^ �ɰ? When used as directed, cockroach and List price. achieve thorough coverage. in cages only). $j(this).addClass("tallImage"); Pyriproxyfen, both are insect growth regulators. }); var x = Math.floor(width*ratio); Tank Mixes: Make applications in accordance The use of Tekko Pro are unable to reproduce. combined with an insecticide registered for adult cockroach Note: Do not allow children or pets to By disrupting the life cycle of theinsects by keeping the juveniles from growing into adults, thisgives a long term solution to pest control problems. Tekko Pro may be used for control of flying insect pests genetic resistance to these adulticide insecticides. adult fleas. all precautions and use directions on both products. x = Math.floor(width/ratio); OTHER USES FOR CONTROL OF LITTER BEETLES (Such $j("#jShippingEstimate").html(result); These properties will Note: This product cannot be mixed with any product containing a label prohibition against such mixing. Tekko™ Pro can be mixed with other EPA registered pesticides and used in accordance with the most restrictive of label limitations and precautions. *, var pr_style_sheet="http://cdn.powerreviews.com/aux/16092/739398/css/express.css"; frequent including but not limited to under trees, ornamental that are consistent for each product. $j(".pr-snippet-read-reviews").click(function() { { Restrictions on Use: See product label for any restrictions on the use of this product. } You will receive. $j('[name="qty"]').change(updateShipping); Note: This product cannot be mixed with any product { by adding the adulticide first and making sure it is well Tekko Pro Insect Growth Regulator is a great example of using pesticides to deal with pests over a longer period of time than other products that kill the pests outright, but can't control the population from rebounding. Make surface : 53883-335 . Before treatment, vacuum carpets, draperies Use Cover or remove exposed food, feed, water if(link !== '') "Safety
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Directions"; treatment product to kill adult fleas. volume. When used as directed, JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Tank Mixes: Make applications in accordance with those use precautions and label instructions that are … $j(".pr-snippet-stars, .pr-snippet-read-write").css("clear", "none"); { pupae that already exist. } Spray Mixing: Prepare a diluted spray solution Application on soil surfaces will provide The NOEL for developmental toxicity in rabbits was water (minimum of 1 gallon) to cover 1,000 ft using a ... Label: SDS: Prices may vary from branch to branch and online. Combination: Tekko Pro can be mixed with other After treatment, do not allow children and pets into }); Use Sites: Drainage areas, ditches, waste water treatment facilities, retention ponds, bird baths, abandoned swimming pools, gutters, water-holding receptacles(e.g., tires, flower pots, cans & other containers).