The well-maintained green space in the park makes for the perfect picnic spot. It is important, as well, to divert excessive drainage, in the form of both surface and subsurface flow, away from the slope,  A subsurface drainage trench was introduced some years ago along the top of the park to divert subsurface drainage away from the bank. cigarette butts, containers, plastic bags), domestic animal waste (e.g. Pioneer Park is located at 46 Bayfield Terrace, Bluewater, ON - N0M 1G0. Pioneer Park in the picturesque Village of Bayfield has to be one of the most picturesque spots in the beloved beach town brimming with quaint shops, art galleries and restaurant patios. willow, dogwood, sumac, wild rose). The shorter rails will be stronger and are more readily available. In 1998, a gravel parking lot in the park, accessed via Colina Street, was decommissioned and seeded over as a lawn area. Further ‘lifting’ of the hedge by pruning lower branches should not be carried out. The park has a balance of large open areas that can accommodate large events and gatherings and smaller, more intimate spaces that are conducive to quieter activities. 122, Bluewater, NM 87005. Each year, a program of improvements and required maintenance for the park, which identifies current priorities, ongoing commitments to maintenance, new projects to be undertaken and budget costs associated with the work will be prepared and reviewed by the Board of Directors before the program of work is undertaken that year. 5.1       Any new special plantings proposed for the park should be restricted to low-maintenance type of plantings at the edges of the main park spaces that are in keeping with the overall character of Pioneer Park. The style of benches and picnic tables in the park has been standardized. The prices are only tentative and includes cost of flights too. This zone at the water’s edge provides habitat and is a food source for plant and animal species on the beach. Featuring up-to-date information on top attractions, accommodation, travel tips and more. Hand raking is to be undertaken only when conditions are deemed to be a health or safety issue (e.g. 4.3       Aerate the lawn areas periodically, especially in high traffic areas where the soil becomes compacted. Requests have been made over the years to install memorial trees and benches within the park and some have been placed. 4.2       Top dress with compost or soil where necessary to rejuvenate the turfgrass and to supplement the topsoil layer (e.g. 5.3       A program of planting Dafodil bulbs along the fence lines at the edge of the park should be undertaken, incorporating and moving, if necessary, any existing bulbs. gingko, European beech, Scot’s pine, Japanese lilac) that give some variety to the park landscape. Read verified and trustworthy customer reviews for Pioneer Park or write your own review. 12.3     The PPA board may enter into an agreement to permit programs, in effect from time to time, to govern water quality, environmental management, education and information, safety and services. The grass in this area, since it was installed over the gravel parking lot base, is not as healthy as in other parts of the park. Electronic signs posted along Casino Drive leading to the entrance remind patrons that face masks and identification are required. Situated in Bluewater, this bed & breakfast is within a 15-minute walk of Bayfield Community Centre and Lake Huron. MUNICIPALITY OF BLUEWATER. Great! ON, N0M 1G0. Actual prices will be informed by the connected travel agent. Because flexibility matters. Updated 12.0 Draft compiled from input by various PPA members by Alex Shevchuk: March 26, 2019; updated March 29, 2019.