Schools need to clamp down on this and punish teachers for doing it. Our chapter reviews the research on this topic. Ash thinks the changes have had an impact. They help choose photographs and artwork for each issue, and, they help select the cover art. It will take a five-minute walk through a high-school to confirm that it exists, and is getting worse. There are countless times when both of these issues go unpunished. Equalize air time. Welcome to the Think or Blue community! Or call (202) 785-7731. As with other forms of prejudice and discrimination, it functions to maintain status and power differences between groups in society. Substitute “the men are fixing the roof” with “the workers are fixing the roof.” Read more about this easy tip. Remind them to ask before they touch each other and that consent can be withdrawn at any time. And so they built the track and, in doing so, they built their confidence. There is a case for the calm and serenity that comes with minimal decor. And, a lot of the time, it’s because they’re unaware of it. To combat gender bias in public education, educators, parents, and communities should create programs that: Adapted from Growing Smart, What's Working for Girls in School. The questions are part of what Pinkett, a shaven-headed, blokeish English teacher at King’s College Guildford, a comprehensive academy in Surrey, calls “militant tenderness” – his deliberate drive to combat what he sees as the “hyper-masculinisation” of boys by society, by modelling an alternative masculinity that values “kindness, vulnerability and love”. Do you assume girls will want to read or play hopskotch, or that boys will want to build or play sports? Then, get a group of girls together and do it.". Adv Child Dev Behav. The approach has been adopted across the school, and Andre is on the steering group of the Gender Equality Charter, which aims to help homes, schools and businesses root out inequality. 2014;47:151-87. doi: 10.1016/bs.acdb.2014.04.002. Your email address will not be published. Plan ahead for how you would respond to a transgender or gender non-conforming child. But, if you take their complaints seriously, then they’ll feel more confident. Some sociologists argue that the education system simply reinforces inequalities in wider society and maintains the status quo. If you observe this, take steps to rotate roles and help them share accountability. Schools should be more serious and make it a serious matter. Use gender neutral words for professions, such as police officer, worker, mail carrier, fire fighter, nurse. Everyday sexism abounds wherever a girl goes. Teachers, Parents, and … If you’re vigilant, these … In a review of our home library I found that the protagonist in children’s books was 8 times more likely to be male than female. Child Dev. racism and Islamophobia). Similarly, give out severe punishments to students that make sexist remarks or bully female students. A year on, it’s become a passion. As with other forms of prejudice and discrimination, it functions to maintain status and power differences between groups in society. HHS "The first report did a good job of laying out what the problems were, but we wanted to provide some solutions.". I’ve heard authors of girl-led books recount stories of educators wistfully declining an author visit because the boys wouldn’t be interested. For example, one girl in the NEU and Feminista’s study explained that she had been called “a slag” because she was friends with boys and that she had been told to “act like a girl” because she didn’t wear make-up in the early years of secondary school.