Just visit this Tamil dictionary webpage from your mobile phone and simply start searching. While you type English letters phonetically, and hit the space bar, these will be automatically converted into Tamil letters. Debate: விவாதி. Tamil language is one of the famous and ancient Dravidian languages spoken by people in Tamil Nadu and the 5th most spoken language in India, Tamil is also an official spoken language in Sri, anka & Singapore. Tamil is a very old classical language and has inscriptions from 500 B.C and plays a significant role as a language in the world today. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. full-dress debate : பாராளுமன்றத்தில் முக்கியமான செய்திகள் குறித்துக் கட்சித்தலைவர்கள் செய்யும் முழுவாதம் . Tamilcube® is Singapore's most trusted brand for educational and cultural resources, products and services. Cryptocurrency is a new term – it was coined in 2009. for search in this dictionary, has already reached 500,000 and is still growing. Tamilcube® is a registered trademark of Comsys Singapore. This section will detail some of those translations and why they do not make much sense. Cryptocurrency is a new term – it was coined in 2009. They thought she was wrong but were too polite to say so. This is probably the best way to explain cryptocurrency in Tamil, though. click 'SEARCH'. download ILDC's free Tamil to English dictionary. This is another term that roughly translates as “internet money.”. debate : Tamil dictionary. This means that it doesn’t have a direct translation into many languages. budget debate : வரவு-செலவுத் திட்ட விவாதம் . Tamil is a very old classical language and has inscriptions from 500 B.C. To contend for in words or arguments; to strive to maintain by reasoning; to dispute; to contest; to discuss; to argue for and against. English is one of the most widely spoken languages across the globe and a common language of choice for people from different backgrounds trying to communicate with each other. That about covers it for the meaning of cryptocurrency in Tamil. And all other potential translations into Tamil have problems that make them unclear translations. This is a fairly common phenomena with technology words that come from English. If the Government had set apart Rs.1000 crores from this debt amount for the agriculture sector the farmers would not have been pushed to commit suicide he said adding that Rs.500 crores would have … World's largest English to Tamil dictionary and Tamil to English dictionary translation online & mobile with over 500,000 words. info)) is a Dravidian language natively spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka.Tamil is the official language of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, as well as two sovereign states, Sri Lanka and Singapore. the space bar, it will be converted into அம்மா. TamilCube.com's popular Tamil PDF eBooks collection. Do not use separators, such as commas. In addition to that, it is an English phrase. Multibhashi is an app to learn languages most effectively and effortlessly. Fainting, 5. Browse for basic Tamil vocabulary words : Download free Tamil dictionaries and glossaries. All translations tend to have நாணயம் (currency) in them, which is a good start. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Bitcoin Recovers by 10%; Experts Predict a Drop’s Inevitability, South Korea Has No Plans to Profit from Crypto Trading for Now, SSE Composite Index (sha:000001) | Shanghai Stock Exchange. Tamil Polls.oneindia is a Tamil forum where you can find interesting polls to discuss freely about politics news, current events, celebrite & movies events, conspiracies, and policies. 1. Overall, we give the official translation a rather low rating because it does not make much sense. Debate definition Transitive verb. Cryptocurrency is essentially a cryptography currency, so we find this a suitable translation. ரஜினிகாந்த் அரசியலுக்கு வராவிட்டால் தமிழகத்திற்கு நஷ்டம்- குருமூர்த்தி. For example, if you key in 555 and click SEARCH, you to learn Tamil numbers very quickly. தர்க்கி [ tarkki ] , தருக்கி , dispute , debate , argue , reason , வாதஞ்செய் . Tamil Meaning of Debate. Thousands of our visitors search this Tamil dictionary directly from their Android smart mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Blackberry every day! this will be translated to ஐநூற்று ஐம்பத்து ஐந்து.